Staff: Richard D. Fox

Richard D. Fox, Classical Homeopath, Reflexologist.

Richard D. FoxPhone: +1-208-434-2570
Location: Red Wing, MN

The head of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. The author of unique methods for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, male and female infertility, treatment of the effects of injuries. Author of more than 60 scientific publications. Member of the association of reflexologists. A member of the homeopathic association. Richard considers the patient as a “single psychophysical continuum,” that is, “the unity of soul and body”, when treatment and, accordingly, physical and psychological problems are also subject to diagnosis. That is, constitutional treatment is applied – when not a disease is treated, but a patient with all of his problems (physical and psychological). He believes that each patient can choose an individual course of treatment without contraindications with such an integrated approach. He also believes that traditional medicine should heal “quickly, safely, painlessly”.


  • In 1989, he graduated from the Medical Institute of Minnesota;
  • In 1991, he mastered electro-puncture diagnostics by R. Voll and Nakatani;
  • In 1992, he completed the primary specialization in homeopathy;
  • In 1998, he completed the vegetative resonance test (ART) and bioresonance therapy (BRT).

He repeatedly raised his level in courses of primary specialization and advanced training in all these specialties.


1990-2003 he worked as a resuscitator in various intensive care units of the City Clinical Hospital: cardiological, psycho-, general therapeutic. At the same time, he studied the methods of “traditional medicine”.

Since 1989, he began to practice reflexology in the classic version of “Zhen-Tzu”.

He has more than 20 years experience as a homeopath and a reflexologist, more than 15 years in bioresonance and multiresonance therapy.

Working as a resuscitator in various fields, he studied the possibilities of the methods of homeopathy in clinical medicine, comparing their effectiveness with the methods of “classical medicine”. In particular, very good results were obtained in the treatment of myocardial infarction. Thus, it was possible to achieve the effect of thrombolysis without the use of standard preparations, only with the help of bioresonance therapy and homeopathy.

As a result, Richard D. Fox came to the conclusion that the methods of the so-called traditional medicine were most effective, and in 2003 he concentrated their efforts in this direction, having gone from resuscitation.

Since 2005, he has dealt mainly with the treatment of infertility (both female and male), miscarriage, and the pathology of pregnancy, women’s and men’s health in general, with very good results.

Since 2011, he has also engaged in the issues of regeneration and gerontology, that is, the prevention of aging, its optimization, and rejuvenation.

Methods and approaches

In his work, he practices classical approaches to reflexotherapy, homeopathy, successfully applies electropuncture diagnostics according to the Foll method, vegetative-resonance test, pulse diagnostics. He has numerous own methods, in particular:

  • the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and pregnancy pathology;
  • vascular disorders, with genetic predisposition;
  • consequences of injuries, including generic and prenatal stress;
  • gerontology.

Printed works: The doctor has more than 60 publications, including those in international editions.