MHA Store

MHA Store

Welcome to MHA Store which has been operating for over 10 years. Over these years we have gained a reputation of a reliable manufacturer of homeopathic medicines. We follow the longstanding traditions of homeopathy, so our medicines are always effective and safe.


The website of our homeopathic online pharmacy, there are more than 450 products presented.

We sell homeopathic medicines of all forms (granules, tablets, syrups, drops, ointments, candles, sprays, injections) of the best manufacturers, literature on homeopathy, homeopathic and natural cosmetics, natural vitamin complexes, homeopathic slimming complexes, herbs, phytopreparations, preparations for pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants, homeopathic medicines for animals.

All homeopathic medicines normalize immunity. We offer special prices and cumulative discounts!

6 advantages of MHA Store

  1. Wide range. In addition to homeopathy in different forms (own production and well-known companies), we sell allopathic preparations, medical cosmetics, medical equipment, parapharmaceutical products, aromatic oils and much more for health;
  2. Great experience. More than 10 years on the market – no one homeopathic online pharmacy has this experience;
  3. Professionalism. All our pharmacists have specialist certificates. In addition, our employees confirm their qualifications in a certified commission every year;
  4. Individual approach. An experienced homeopath helps to select drugs based on the results of the consultation. One more direction of our activity is making homeopathy according to recipes;
  5. Customer focus. Our customers appreciate the friendly attitude of the staff and the sincere desire to help;
  6. Certificates and documents. Products presented in MHA Store are certified according to generally accepted standards. Its documentation complies with the requirements of the quality control authorities. We closely monitor the shelf life and sales, provide all items with the required storage conditions, therefore we guarantee the high quality and authenticity of each item.