MHA Takes Part in the Annual Conference 2019

The development of the homeopathic method in modern medicine

The Minnesota Homeopathic Association will take part in theĀ annual conference “The development of the homeopathic method in modern medicine” that will be held January 5-6, 2019 at New York, USA.

Subjects of the conference

  • Development and measures to expand the use of the method of homeopathy in practical public health;
  • Current issues of training medical personnel in homeopathy and legal regulation of the use of homeopathic treatment in the USA;
  • Mechanisms of action of homeopathic vaccines and features of their use after past infectious diseases;
  • Use of cellular bioregulators and homeopathic medicines for chronic inflammatory diseases of internal organs;
  • Choice and features of the use of homeopathic therapy in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases in the practice of the general practitioner;
  • Modern possibilities of using expert medical systems on homeopathy in the choice of homeopathic medicine.

The participants of the conference will discuss the issues of prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of various human diseases by the homeopathic method, and also presents the clinical diagnostic algorithm of the homeopathic treatment method in therapeutic practice, shows the principles of prescribing a homeopathic medicine for inflammatory diseases, highlights the concepts and methods for selecting and prescribing homeopathic medicines using modern tools.

Planned “round tables”

  • Classical homeopathy;
  • Homeopathic medicines in clinical practice;
  • Complex application of homeopathic medicines;
  • Electropuncture, information medicine and homeopathy;
  • Organic preparations: current issues of therapy and rehabilitation;
  • Cell bioregulators: from homeopathic dilutions to peptide concentrates;
  • Homeopathy and veterinary medicine.
  • Homeopathic pharmacy;
  • Software, expert systems in homeopathy;
  • During the conference, the opportunity is given to take part in the presentation of companies, to purchase literature, medical equipment, computer programs and homeopathic medicines of domestic and foreign production.